Quran & Science Symposia

MTA News Video on the 6th Annual Symposium

AAMS USA hosts annual symposia, bringing together Ahmadi scientists, the broader community, and friends alike. Symposia feature talks from Ahmadi scientists at top universities and institutions who discuss their own work and share cutting edge advances across diverse fields of science and technology. Symposia presenters shed light on the bridge between God and science in the context of their own research.


2019 Quran & Science Symposium

  • When: Saturday March 16th, 2019, 10AM-5PM

  • Where: 15000 Good Hope Road Silver Spring, MD 20905 | Bait-ur-Rahman mosque

About Us

The Association of Ahmadi Muslim Scientists USA (AAMS USA) is the men’s professional scientific society of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (AMC) USA. Our overarching mission is to (1) nurture the growth and development of Ahmadi Muslim scientists and (2) advance the study of the Holy Quran for the progress of science.

The central, unified website of the worldwide AMC is at www.alislam.org. The AMC is headed by his Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the Fifth Successor (or Khalifa) to the Promised Messiah. His Holiness has encouraged young Ahmadi Muslims to pursue careers in scientific research and to particularly excel through guidance from the Holy Quran, stating that the Nobel Prize should become for us a “minimum target.” For more information about the operations of our organization, please refer to our official Constitution.

Ahmadi women scientists run an independent professional society called the Ahmadiyya Women Scientists Association.

For Members

To host symposia and science fairs we rely on contributions from participating members. Annual membership for working professionals is $100 and is $20 for students. If you’d like to pay via check, contact us via the form below. Otherwise, contribute via PayPal below.

Abdus Salam Science Fairs

The Abdus Salam Science fair is open to all Ahmadi students. The fair provides a unique opportunity to the budding Ahmadi scientists and science enthusiasts to prove that we are keeping the Islamic tradition of learning and science alive and are striving to produce many Abdus Salams in the future.The fair is also a means to pay homage to Dr. Abdus Salam who proved that Islam and Science can not only co-exist but also compliment each other. 

Islam in Science

Get a glance into the history between islam and science

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