Elections, brief updates on operations, and a relaxed meet and greet

Elections (10 minutes) - conducted by Naib Ameer Moulana Azhar Hanif Sahib

Brief updates on AAMS-USA operations (20 minutes)

Finance report (Adeel Malik Sahib; 5 minutes)

Website development (Khalid Husain Sahib & Adeel Malik Sahib; 7 minutes)

Publications/Directory (Ijaz Ahmed Sahib & Haris Qureshi Sahib; 3-5 minutes)

Dates for our next signature events (Sohail Husain Sahib; Quran and Science, Abdus Salam Science Fair at Jalsa Salana USA, Annual Planning meeting) (3-5 minutes)

Relaxed meet and greet (30 minutes) – networking among professional and scientific disciplines