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Hameed Mirza, PhD

Dr. Hameed Mirza is an Adjunct Professor at the International Center of Chemical & Biological Sciences and a faculty at York University, Canada. He is also President & Chief Scientific Officer at the A.S. Chemical Laboratories, Inc. He received an MSc degree in Chemistry from Lakehead University in 1988. In 1993, he completed his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Western Ontario, after which he joined McGill University as a post-doctoral research fellow at the center of excellence in protein engineering network. Dr. Mirza’s research focuses on the synthesis of light harvesting devices and the development of novel pharmaceutical products. To date, Dr. Mirza has published over 45 scientific papers and delivered over 50 presentations at various conferences worldwide. He serves as the National Secretary Ta’lim (Education) for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Canada. He is also serving as the President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Scientists Association Canada. In the past, he has served as President of Peace Village East chapter and Vice-president of Majlis Ansarullah Canada.